Saturday, November 3, 2012

Loop Road contiinues to dominate discussion

Well, the Loop Road issue continues to dominate the discussion on as evidenced by the number of posts on the subject. It is also becoming a bit of a flashpoint in the City Council race in the up-coming election:


As I re-read past posts on this issue going back to June of this year, I see the discussion becoming more focused and solution-oriented. This is EXACTLY what needs to happen as the community of South Lake Tahoe continues to weigh in and strive to find consensus behind a plan. It gives me hope that we as a community are making headway on achieving solidarity on how to move ourselves and our region into a model of sustainable tourism. The link to the following article is a good example of how the discussion is evolving as it continues to inform and shape peoples understanding of how we got to this juncture and how we might best proceed:


I look forward to continuing this discussion and taking part in the democratic process of soliciting for community sourced ideas on designing a sustainable future for our region.     Tom Wendell

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