Thursday, November 29, 2012

A good old house cleaning

Nothing like a good old house cleaning to shed some light in the musty corners of city politics. In the past week it was announced the South Lake Tahoe City Attorney Patrick Enright will not seek to have his contract renewed. Following a string of questionable and ultimately expensive (for the city) decisions made  by Mr. Enright, this opens the door to bring in someone with a more focused and nuanced approach to guiding the city through the challenging but rife with opportunity times ahead.

On Nov. 28 it was reported in the LakeTahoe that the newly minted (4 mos.) city finance director Michael Nakama will be leaving at the end of the year. Seems Mr. Nakama has never worked in the public sector and just didn't "fit". here. Would love to know the exact reasons for his departure.

Candidates for both these key positions can now thoroughly vetted and interviewed by a newly configured City Council and our sharp as a tack city manager Nancy Kerry. Time to shake of mantle of mediocrity and get busy with the task of transforming ourselves into the type of resort destination worthy of it's stunning environment.

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