Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Council Member next big issue

The next big issue to face SLT and the City Council is the appointment or election of a new council memeber as Mayor Claire Fortier stepped down shortly after the general election as she said she would after the TRA Regional Plan was adopted. The 4 sitting council members must vote on nomiees to replace her position and if no consensus is reached, a spcial election would likley have to be called.  This will be contentious  no matter howit comes down. Many locals have voiced suppot fo the 3rd place finisher in recent city council elections: Austin Sass. I happen agree as he would have occuppied the 3rd seat had Clair resigned prior to the election.
IF the council does not listen to the majority, appoints someone else or spends $16K on a special election....that will make for some interesting political theater. Dates to be aware of: January 25 2013….aplications from registered voters and living  in the City of South Lake Tahoe who wish  to be considered must be in. The City Council will then hold a special meting on 1-29 at 9  a.m. to interview and vote on a candidate. If no majority is reached, a special election will be called for June,

This will likely set the sage for how well the council functions for the next 2 years. Hang on to to your butts!

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